The design concept for the Reality San Francisco Ministry Center began with the idea of abiding, as we often talk about abiding in God as we abide in San Francisco. We also dreamed about creating a dynamic collective of spaces, with individual feel and focus, that add up to a whole, the way San Francisco’s different neighborhoods come together to make up the amazing city that we live in. As we thought about these two ideas, a design began to emerge that we believe embodies our vision to be a community following Jesus, seeking renewal in our city. 

So, imagine a space where you can come and work during the week, a space where you can create alongside our staff and church leaders. Imagine a space where you can pray with others, or individually, anytime in the week, or share a cup of coffee with a friend. Imagine a space where your community can cook and enjoy a meal together, a space where you can bring your kids throughout the week to play alongside one another and let their imaginations run free. Imagine a space designed for all of us to create, abide, and seek renewal in our city, together.

God willing, the Ministry Center will be a place where we live as a community following Jesus, seeking renewal in San Francisco for decades to come.

Start to experience the space through these initial mockups of the Ministry Center: